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Phoenixville Women's Outreach


PWO Announces our 2022 Hall of Women

Phoenixville Women’s Outreach is excited to announce the Inaugural Slate of our Hall of Women.

As an organization, we seek to provide images and stories of women to empower our clients during their time with us. Throughout the month of January, we asked our community to submit nominations of women throughout history who have exemplified STRENGTH, PERSEVERANCE, and COURAGE with the goal of naming The House’s bedrooms.

For 2022, we have chosen:

  • Maya Angelou
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Dolores Huerta
  • Harriet Tubman

As there are multiples of women who embody these traits, the campaign will reset each January to honor 4 different women who will then serve as torchbearers in our Hall of Women for the year.

EMPOWERMENT is at the core of our transitional housing program. We work to empower each participant to define her goals and chart a path forward.  Her time at The House, though safe and supportive, is anything but easy. The program requires a dedication to self, a commitment to her own well-being and a focus on her future. We recognize that there are many internal and external barriers that she will confront during her time with us.

To find success at The House it takes STRENGTHCOURAGE, and PERSEVERANCE.

  • STRENGTH to let go,
  • PERSEVERANCE to continue on when the path forward is unclear, and
  • COURAGE to take new and unfamiliar steps towards the future.

Our Hall of Women honors women throughout history who, like our participants faced adversity; embody strength, perseverance, and courage; they did what was necessary, not to merely survive, but to THRIVE in a world that was unkind, and which did not always recognize their true power. It is our hope that the stories of our Hall of Women provide guidance and inspiration to the women journey at The House.