A Night of Empowerment- Volunteer Appreciation Event

On Thursday, May 10th, Phoenixville Women’s Outreach welcomed current and future volunteers to the Kimberton Conference Center for a celebration of the volunteers who give their time to support The House. The volunteer appreciation event included a presentation by keynote speaker Lizette Epps, founder of Breadth of Hope which offers speaking, writing, and consulting services geared towards engaging the community and improving lives.

Lizette’s passion for community involvement and women’s and children’s initiatives is clear. “In addition to chairing the Latina Initiatives Committee and serving as a member of the Women2Women Council, she mentors women in the Reading Collegiate Scholars Program as well as in the community at large.”

She learned about The House at the YWCA Tribute to Exceptional Women where Cheryl Messere, Executive Director of Phoenixville Women’s Outreach was also in attendance. “When Cheryl told me about what she and the staff at Phoenixville Women’s Outreach were doing for women in Phoenixville, I immediately wanted to know more,” said Liz. “Women helping other women and equipping them to be strong and productive in their lives is important to me.” She shares:

My passion for women’s initiatives has grown since I was a young girl. The hardships I experienced throughout my life opened my eyes to the fact that other women were experiencing similar, if not, worse issues. I know first-hand that it’s hard to find your confidence when you run into tough times and it feels like the world is against you. For me, it’s important to help other women find their confidence, happiness, and  attain the success that they are after to fulfill their lives. There are no limits to the things women can achieve when we work together to help one another.

Lizette’s story is truly empowering and her skilled delivery left everyone in attendance full of hope that any challenge can be overcome by strength, perseverance, and support of volunteers dedicated to helping those in need. “I have been on both ends of the volunteer spectrum, as someone who has needed the help of volunteers to get through difficult times in my life and now many years later being in a position where I can give of myself to help others.”

Phoenixville Women’s Outreach and The House rely on the support of volunteers as they work to help homeless and low-income women break the cycle of poverty and dependence and move towards self-sufficiency, independence, and success.

“Getting involved is essential to strengthening the fabric of our society,” says Liz. “For those who may be on the fence about getting involved, it’s important to realize that we all have the power to make a positive impact in the life of another person.”

Opportunities for involvement are always available. Whether you’re interested in working directly with residents of The House or with staff as they aim to help even more women, your support makes a difference.