Painting for a Purpose – Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Painting for a Purpose event on February 24th. This was the second year we had this type of fundraiser and the feedback is unanimous – we will turn this into an annual event!  Although it was originally scheduled for a weekend that snow was predicted, the new date still gathered 47 people together for fun, fellowship and fundraising!

We painted a beautiful canvas with a calming message – Just Breathe.  This is useful for us all to remember during busy times and especially in the depth of winter when darkness seems never-ending.  The staff and Board members of the House provided refreshments for all as well as numerous raffle baskets.  Thank you to John and Brook at Pinot’s Palette in Collegeville for a fun time together, painting for a purpose!



Since many people asked for it, here is the Avacado Corn Salsa recipe:

2 avacados for every 1 jar of Trader Joe’s tomato-less corn salsa – enjoy!