Host a Fundraiser

To support a good cause!

Individuals, businesses or groups can sponsor an event to raise funds for Phoenixville Women’s Outreach.  This kind of activity is called a “third-party” fundraiser. Phoenixville Women’s Outreach has a set of guidelines that we ask all individuals and organizations to follow when fundraising on our behalf.

Due to our limited resources,our ability to offer services for third-party fundraising events is limited by staff size and internal obligations.  But, we are always happy to provide the following:

  • A letter of authorization to validate the authenticity of the fundraising event.
  • Informational brochures or fact sheets about our programs and services.
  • Attendance at the event to receive proceeds by a member of our staff, based on availability.
  • Staff to speak on behalf of the organization, if requested.
  • Use of our logo and name upon review and approval of event and materials.
  • Written tax receipts to donors who make checks payable to Phoenixville Women’s Outreach.

Events should complement the mission and image of Phoenixville Women’s Outreach.  Events that conflict with our mission or values will not be approved and companies that conflict with our mission or values may not be sponsors.  

To learn more about hosting a fundraiser, email

Events must comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fundraising and gift reporting.  All tax-receipting issues must be agreed upon and documented before our approval is given. Phoenixville Women’s Outreach may issue tax receipts only for checks made out to “Phoenixville Women’s Outreach.”

**Applications must be completed and submitted to Phoenixville Women’s Outreach no less than 30 days prior to the proposed fundraising event.