Housing and Support for Women

Phoenixville Women's Outreach



Anne-Marie came to The House after living in her car. A mother and grandmother, Anne-Marie was fiercely independent and determined to make it on her own. She quickly adjusted to life at The House. She expanded her cleaning business into the Phoenixville community and acquired several regular clients. During her time at The House, Anne-Marie reconnected with her love of the outdoors. During the spring and summer she worked tirelessly in The House garden, making the space truly beautiful while also providing fresh produce for the House. She was paired with a mentor and the two of them developed a supportive relationship while exploring new hiking trails throughout Chester County.  Anne-Marie graduated from The House and transitioned to our Next Step House in the summer of 2021. At the Next Step House, she continues to save for her future and expand her business while also continuing to learn the dynamics of living with others.