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Look for our jam!

Residents of The House participate in “Jam Sessions” which provide the opportunity to work as a team and spend time with our volunteers. Learning preservation techniques addresses three areas:

Finances: Buying produce in season when it’s cheap can be an inexpensive way to stock the pantry. Canned or jarred grocery items that have fewer additives and preservatives are often much more expensive, but can be reproduced for pocket change.

Health Benefits: When preserving your own food, you know that what you put in, is exactly what’s there. In this way, you can avoid the additives and preservatives often found in the less expensive products found at the grocery store.

Environmental Impact: Preserving produce means wasting less food, using less packaging, and minimizing the effects of distribution; reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Jam is sold for $8 a jar and can be found at events or can be ordered in advance by emailing